Simple Set up



This is perfect if you are a new website owner.  For those with existing websites, check out the advanced installation package.

I will set up*, your theme and then create a demo content for you.

Once it’s set up, I will hand it over to you and you can start adding the content to your new site!

Note! Themes sold separately  (see below for themes I love).

*You will require your own hosting package to get started.


Package includes:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Installation
  • Demo Setup

*WordPress only


Learn more about the simple installation process in 4 easy steps.



After purchasing the installation service, you’ll be sent 3 emails. You’ll find one with an installation form to complete. Complete the installation form, and add as much detail as possible so we can set up your site. Once the form has been submitted, the team will review and then reach out within 24 hours to confirm all details are in order. If there is any vital information missing we will request it then. We will also provide a time frame on when you can expect us to complete the set up.


I will then install WordPress on your new or existing hosting, and install your new theme.


Once WordPress and the theme has been installed, I will add the demo content of your choice.


Once I have completed the initial setup, I’ll do a handover. I send you all details related to your site, how to login to WordPress, any next steps, tutorial links etc. Now it’s your turn. Remove the content you don’t need and start adding your own content to fill up your new site, with the help of our documentation.

I wanted to share a product that I’ve been using for my business that has truly helped me the most while growing my business: Bluchic WordPress themes.

I knew I needed a professional looking website and after searching online for what felt like forever, I finally found what I was looking for.

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 You can shop the Bluchic WordPress theme shop by clicking on the link below. I promise you won’t regret it! Start browsing the Bluchic WordPress themes.


Note: There are affiliate links listed in this email meaning if you purchase I will make a percentage of commission.

the world awaits your greatness, don't let them wait any longer ...

Let’s discuss how I can help you showcase your vision & your brand!

Here's what you'll get

A gorgeous professional looking website so that you can attract your ideal client time after time.  

  • A discovery call to discuss your brand & your vision.
  • Step by step instructions to help you prepare for the website design & content process.
  • One on One private e-mail communication throughout website building process.
  • A 45 min screen sharing sessions via ZOOM to help transition into understanding your site.

This is for you if...

  • You have little to NO Knowledge on how to create a website.
  • You don't want to spend long hours learning how to & creating a stylish looking website.
  • Your time is valuable, and you would rather have someone else take on this project.

Hey There!

I’m Julie (you can call me Jules).

I’m a fine art portrait photographer based in Ottawa with a love for all things stylish & creative.  

I love helping female entrepreneurs find their creative voice & vision for their brand style.  With an approach that combines both passion & purpose, I aim to help you create a website that evokes your true authentic self.  

On my perfect day, you’d likely find me in my zen space (aka “my office”), reading a good business book with my two furry kids napping on my feet, sipping on a Nespresso Vanilla Latte with my favourite essential oils diffusing & listening to my two witty boys laughing away with their dad in the other room.

I want you to design my website!

Let’s discuss how I can create a stylish website that showcases your vision & your brand!

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