“I don’t believe in magic.” the young boy said.  The old man smiled “You will, when you see her.”  ~ Atticus

Sometimes along this journey called “life”.. we meet people who inspire us and make us want to be better humans.  It was like that with Samantha & Dylan.  I had been “cyber” friends with Samantha for a few years now as we both have a business with Arbonne .. and I was always inspired by her energy and her “joie de vivre”.  I’ve loved following your journey that has brought you success, joy and most of all .. LOVE!!!

Samantha & Dylan are a match made in heaven.  They were best friends for a few years before they realized their love for each other was stronger.  And here we are today .. just a few short weeks from their wedding day and a baby on the way.

Congratulations to you guys .. MR & MRS to be.  <3

Make sure to check out her GORGEOUS Rose Gold engagement ring.

It was a PLEASURE finally meeting you, and I am so grateful & blessed to have been able to capture these special moments for you.

Take care,