“A happy baby has shining eyes.  It walks open hearted into this world and spreads magic.”  ~ author unknown

The original plan was to photograph this little guy a few months ago with the “Cherry Blossoms” .. but it didn’t work out.  I truly believe things have a funny way of working out.  The universe didn’t want us to photograph this little angel because look at the amazing photographs we got for his first birthday session.

My sister called me and wanted to schedule a photo session for her step grand-baby.  Knowing that Tanya is very artistic (it runs in the family) I knew the session was going to be an amazing themed session with props that she brought from her home.

And I was not disappointed … Thanks for choreographing little baby “D” first year session Tanya .. and it was soooo nice meeting him Mommy Christina <3 I can see how he looks a little bit like mommy too .. but he looks mostly like his little uncle “G”.

We also took the opportunity to do a little “Cake Smash” session on the beach along with all the other cute props we had.

I can’t express how much I LOVE photographing babies .. they bring me so much joy.  They are so innocent and full of magic.

Here is a look at what we came up with.


Take care,