“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” ~ unknown

So these photos are from 2016 season of Fall Sessions 😉  I thought it was a perfect time to show case the beautiful images I was able to capture because of such amazing people.

I’m thinking I should have maybe posted these last year .. but I wasn’t that organized LOL ..

Being an entrepreneur definitely has it’s advantages .. but not having a boss and being a procrastinator can defiantly get in the way .. It’s for sure a struggle that I work on getting better every day .. and I can only get better and I AM Getting better at being more organized HA!! SO there you have it .. a little bit of truth in my solopreneur life 😉

I met Sarah and her family almost a year ago .. I can’t help but have an instant connection with people from Newfoundland .. since I married a Newfie.  We had such an amazing time during our session .. Here are a few favourites!!

Can’t wait to photograph your family again in the future 😉

This is what a Family Fall Photo sessions gives you.

Take care,