“Creativity is intelligence having FUN.” ~ Albert Einstein

Whoa .. I LOVE THIS QUOTE! And it couldn’t be more perfect for today’s post.

World meet Tanya!!  My baby sister .. the face behind all my hairstyles, an amazing stylist at Studio Fuzion in Orleans .. and an awesome fun creative kind human.

Being an artist definitely runs in the family .. And Tanya always has some amazing ideas when it comes to her photography sessions.  Remember when she choreographed our “I’m one” photo session for her step-grandbaby.  It was not disappointing.

Even though, the horse idea was mine (photos with horses to come in Part II of this post)  .. Tanya is always READY & WILLING to play the part.  We talked about doing a Trash The Dress session months ago .. and it was finally time to have a go at it.  I called my amazing friends Julie & Luc to see if we could “borrow” their amazing horses to fulfill our vision.  They gladly accepted .. and here are some of the photos we took at their Ranch in Curran, ON!!!

And let’s not forget about the chickens .. How cute right??

Tanya even made the flower crown .. using $12 flowers from Michael’s and just attached the stems together. Easy peasy!!

Thanks Julie for lending us your amazing Cowboy hat <3

to be continued ..

Take care,