For centuries, people have been documenting their lives using photographs.  Through the art of photography we have been able to capture moments in time, including weddings, birth of a new child, growing families and the list goes on.  

Today, there are so many different reasons why people would want to hire a photographer.  The possibilities are limitless. This makes it easy for creative photography artist to earn money doing what we love.

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It’s easy enough to figure out what you love taking photos of.  I recommend experiencing all different types of photo sessions. The easy one is definitely family photo sessions.  Everyone knows a family that wants photos taken. 😉

I started with photos of children, and naturally went to family photo sessions (which I still love doing).  
Here is a small list of easy photo sessions you should be able to find easily and experience.

    • Children | Babies
    • Family | Immediate and/or extended
    • Maternity
    • Newborn | Lifestyle or Posed (with props)
    • Engagement
    • Weddings | Short & long coverage
    • Boudoir
  • Headshots | Traditional or lifestyle

While shooting some of these different types of sessions, you will figure out what types of sessions you enjoy the most doing.  

My best advice to you, is don’t be afraid to try different types of sessions, be confident and be creative.  It’s OK To be different!!! Most importantly, DON’T BE AFRAID so say no to photo sessions you don’t enjoy doing.  

Figure out what you love .. and NICHE It down!!

I LOVE shooting families and babies .. and I LOVE headshot photo sessions.

Go out there, and start being creative and unique.  There is only ONE of you!!!

Stay Beautiful,

FREE “Start your Photography Biz” GUIDE