Becoming a photographer was never something I aspired to become.

It wasn’t until I started travelling .. A LOT .. that I fell in love with the art of photography.  I can remember traveling to Australia and bringing a camera and about 25 rolls of film lol

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It was an expensive trip to the “Photo Lab” .. Some of you might NEVER know what it was like to take photos and have to wait until they were “developed” to see the final result and even to see if the photos turned out. 😉  Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn’t!

It was after this that I decided I should invest in a digital camera.  I was so excited to purchase a digital camera and I got to test it on a trip to San Diego.

Not knowing anything about digital photography, I remember thinking “The smaller the photos are, the more I can fit on that thing called a memory card. LOL

Just so you know, I can’t even print a 4×6 because I made those photos so small LOL

It wasn’t too long after, I decided to upgrade and I invested in my very first DSLR .. A Canon Rebel 😉 I was 5 months pregnant at the time with my 1st son and took my shiny new camera to Italy.  By then I knew more about digital image “size” LOL .. so those photos are printing size and AMAZING 😉 YAY!

Once Cameron was born almost 13 years ago, I was really loving taking photos of him.  I even recall using white wrinkled sheets as a background. OMG I would spend hours in photoshop, trying to remove the wrinkles from those “sheets”.  I wasn’t making it easy for myself haha!

A little time went by, and I did get better & better at taking photos of Cameron .. usually what happens when you practice and practice .. and also learn.  At that time in my life, I was a member of an online community called “Two peas in a bucket” .. And there were many photographers on this group, so we were able to share photos and get feedback and learn a lot from others and each other.  Today, I’m still friends with many people I met on “Two peas” .. it was a great home for photographers.

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Fast forward to a few years after Cameron was born, on the recommendation of a few friends I started taking photos of other people’s kids, and instantly absolutely fell in love with the art.  I loved being able to capture the essence of children, and delivering a “freeze frame” in time to their parents.

I did this for a few years, and somehow even though I didn’t want to photograph weddings, I ended up second shooting a wedding + engagement session and FELL IN LOVE with Weddings.  I loved everything about them!

Although I am no longer a wedding photographer, I am forever grateful for having photographed 100+ weddings.  It has given me great creative confidence, and the connections I’ve made over the years are priceless.

Today, I am proud to call myself a natural light lifestyle portrait photographer with an approach that combines both an editorial and documentary inspired style.

I KNEW I wanted to become a professional photographer, because I loved being creative and I loved the art of photography.  Mostly I LOVE being able to create timeless imagery that evokes honest emotion.

If you are on the fence about becoming a photographer, just listen to your heart.

Oprah says “Ask your heart, it NEVER lies” .. Open yourself to the possibilities, and let your heart & soul guide you.

Stay Beautiful,

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