How to use Your Branding Images so that your Business Stands out!

So you know you want new amazing headshot images, but you are uncertain how you would use them? I’ve come to the rescue! I created a guide on “How to use Your Branding images so That your Business Stands out!”. I’ve created this guide JUST FOR YOU!!! .. It’s also filled with actionable items & […]


How to Coordinate What to Wear for Your Family Photography Session

“Can you help me with outfit suggestions for our photography session?” This is the first question I get after I book (sometimes before) a photo session. Don’t worry, I’m here for you and I’ve got your back!!! I’ve created this AMAZING Guide “How to Coordinate What to Wear for Your Family Photography Session.” and it’s […]


How to Prepare for your Personal Branding Photo Session

Are you dying to have your branding headshot photo taken, but you think you aren’t photogenic, or maybe you feel shy, or maybe you think you wouldn’t know what to wear or how to pose? After reading this amazing guide, I know you will want to go ahead and book your photo session ASAP! I’m […]

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Field of Horses ~ Lifestyle Head Shot ~ Natalie

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” ~ Coco Chanel Natalie and I have been Best Friends for 20+ years now .. A true friend is someone who has your back no matter what .. and that is the kind of friendship we’ve had for all these years. Love you Natalie .. I […]


Professional Head Shot ~ Sheila

Having a professional head shot is SOOOOO important.  Its a representation of who you are as an entrepreneur or business professional. Many of us don’t judge a book by it’s cover .. but we only have a few second to make that first impression. Over the last few years .. I’ve been loving photographing various […]