Are you ready to finally create a fully designed business that you love & feel confident about? A business that runs on autopilot, all whilst living the life you've always dreamed about?

I know you started your business because you believed in your vision and the impact you could have on the people you want to serve.  At least, that’s what you had in mind until you started comparing yourself to other businesses, and realized creating a beautiful business is a lot harder and a lot less glamorous than you thought. 

Does this sound like you?

You feel stuck in hustle mode trying to create a beautiful business, because you don’t know how to design a consistent looking brand style that you love!  You need help finessing your brand so that you can create a beautiful business that you are proud & confident to share with the world. 

You feel lost & overwhelmed by all the moving pieces you need to create to make your business work effectively.  You need guidance and support to help you create all the necessary parts to make your business work for you and start seeing the results you crave in your business?

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on trying to build the perfect business and never feel proud or confident with what you create.  You want instructions on what tools to use to create a high converting business of your own.      

You are frustrated, which keeps you from sharing your gifts with the world.  You wish someone would just guide you & help you create a beautiful business that you are proud of and want to share & start making money from. 

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

When I first ventured into this online entrepreneurship world, I had no idea what “growing an audience” meant.  

I knew I had to create “freebies” in exchange for emails, but I had no idea what that looked like in the back end.  

Over the last three years, I’ve been learning & I have created a high converting business with all the working parts to grow my audience and turn them into buyers.  

I knew I wasn’t the only #bosslady that felt like this …

And that’s how Beautiful Business in a Box was born.  To bring you a course that will take you through the process of creating the high converting beautiful business you’ve always dreamed of having. 

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Your vision for your business is not an accident and you are destined to make an impact through your business and create a lifestyle for yourself that you love working as little or as much as you want.

Imagine how freeing it would be to have your business all designed and ready to share confidently with the world and start attracting your dream clients + getting payed to do what you love.  

Building the business of your dreams can be easy & stress free.  It’s time to stop procrastinating and  start creating the beautiful business that will make your dreams a reality. 

Why not do it with a course  and community of soul sisters on your side, supporting you and giving you the tools and strategies you need to make it happen?

Joining BBB is one of the BEST investments I have ever made in my business! In the last 6 months of joining, I have accomplished more than I ever have in years. The stock photo library is worth the investment alone! The best part is Julie’s support & all the included trainings. They have been an integral part in helping me create the Beautiful Business & brand I have always envisioned. Julie has a heart to serve and is always striving to help her members elevate to their highest potential in business. There isn’t a week that goes by that I am not using one of the assets in the membership. If you’re a Lady Boss with a desire to build a business with ease & a beautiful brand – then Julie will, no doubt, be one of your greatest assets. I am beyond thankful I found her & am part of this membership.

Heather A irvine

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


Beautiful Business in a Box

The only group program that will give you the guidance you need to fully create a Beautiful Business that you love and feel confident about so that you can start attracting your Dream Clients and turn them into buyers! 

And the best part is, once you’ve created automations & put your systems in place, your business can literally run on autopilot and you can work as much or as little as you want!!! 

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

You will learn & receive guidance on how to create a beautiful business that you’re proud to share with your audience and start attracting your dream clients! 

I am excited to teach you how I’ve created automations and workflows so that my business works for me, as I live a life on my terms.  I work as much or as little as I want. 

Phase .01

The foundation to any business starts right here!  This is a crucial part of building your business and we tend to want to skip over this step (this is why it’s included in every single course you sign up for no matter what level).  

Phase .02

In an increasingly competitive, digitally-driven, visually-oriented world, brand style is a huge influencer in purchase decisions and can really make or break your business message and appeal.

Phase .03

I will teach you my step-by-step method on how to create beautiful recognizable website pages.  My mission is to help you create & be in love with your website & brand style so that you can attract your dream clients time and time again. 

Phase .04

Create a customer journey to impress & start positioning yourself as a leader in your industry.  This will result in growing a community filled with your ideal clients and turn them into buyers.  

Phase .05

Learn how to show up like a pro & get visible with your ideal clients.  In this final phase, tie up all loose ends so that the only thing that is left for you to do is show up and serve. 

“I took and I’m still taking the lessons at my own pace, Beautiful Business in a Box course and I am loving it! Julie is so amazing, I love her personality and her talent. She has helped my business grow by teaching me how to do more with it on social media, with lead magnets, and how to get organized. I love that she has a lot of bonuses on the course too. I highly recommend you work with her. “

Tania Garcia

Julie has outdone herself with Beautiful Business in a Box! It is tailored to the needs of female entrepreneurs who want to upskill themselves to feel more confident and get the tools they need to attract their dream clients. I would recommend this course to any online entrepreneur – just starting to those in business for years. Leaving no stone unturned, it is filled with detailed advice and practical use that can only benefit you and your business. A worthwhile investment for personal and business growth!

Tegan Mitchell

+ Bonuses

Enroll now and you'll also get access to these AMAZING bonuses immediately!

1 on 1 strategy session

Use this 1:1 strategy session right away or when ever you choose. (No expiry date) This session is the perfect opportunity to chat about your business and get more clarity about your visions + goals. 


Stock by Jewels is the only stock photo membership that represents “REAL” and authentic women entrepreneurs.  A membership featuring the everyday, real life, girl next door.


Get access to all of my swipe copy to help you set up your emails, landing/sales pages/thank you page and more.  You can take my copy and be inspired to create your own.  

Done-for-you canva templates

Access to a library of beautiful done-for-you CANVA templates designed for female entrepreneurs like you so that you never have to spend hours designing graphics again! These templates are FULLY customizable.

Done-for-you elementor templates

Access 15 fully designed and cutsomizable WordPress Elementor teamplates that I use or have used in my own business.  The library includes work with me, contact me, about, thank you, tripwire, sales pages and more. 

+ there's more ...

tripwire funnel course

Learn & create a simple high converting tripwire funnel so that you can start growing your list and make money at the same time.  This is a 3 module course + swipe copy.  


Learn simple, effective strategies to grow an engaged list of soon-to-be buyers with this signature list-building course. This is 6 modules + 5 bonus trainings!


This 3 week social media mini-course will teach you the social media fundamentals needed in order to find success on social media, no matter your goals.

Plus, You'll also get

Lifetime access to ..

voxer office hours

I’m excited to offer weekly Voxer office hours so you can ask all of your questions.  This is one of my favorite features, because I am able to get to know you and your business better.

Private Fb Group

Connect with an amazing community of boss ladies, so you can get support from me + accountability from a tribe of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

videos & workbooks

I have created workbooks & videos to help you keep on track and stay consistent while building your beautiful business.  I wish to keep this simple for you.

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    “I can 100% say with authenticity that working with Julie is a full package experience. Her ability to help capture your brand, feelings and essence for your business is bang on. Working with Julie helps seal the gap between branding and website creation & design.  Working with her is  the entire package, guiding you and empowering all at once.”

    Suzanne Tate

    “Thanks for simplifying my life.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of creating the website that I had envisioned.  With your help and guidance, I now have a beautiful converting website that I am proud to send to my customers.   Thank you for helping me create that high level website I had envisioned.”

    Rachelle Mcmahon

    “Before working with Julie, I was lost & overwhelmed with #allthethings.  I didn’t know what a lead magnet was, let alone how to set it all up.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around making all of it work to start growing my list.  Now I have a “Freebie” and a nice website that I am proud of and I can start building my community.  Thank you for creating this course Julie! You are such a good teacher, and always go above and beyond for your students!”

    Lina Latulippe

    I woke up this morning and realized i don't have what it takes to sit back and be average.


    Is Beautiful Business in a Box for me?

    This is perfect for you if:

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    Meet Your teacher

    Hello, I'm Julie

    And your new biz bestie! 

    I’m a 40-something Canadian wife and mamma of two witty boys and 2 fur babies, and I started my business as a self-taught portrait photographer over 10 years ago. 

    I’m a simple country girl at heart, but have been living in the city for 20+ years! I am a creative being who loves gardening & all things pink. I love mornings & lattes and I am overall a pretty happy and positive person, life is a gift, and I am incredibly grateful and happy to be living this life … in my yoga pants 😉  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Beautiful Business in a Box is a 10 week group program (5 modules of 2 weeks each).  But .. you can also take it at your own pace.  You have lifetime access which means you can take your time to complete each module.  You can even take a break and come back to it when you are ready! 

    YES! You will have access to the course material and all updates.  You will also be a part of a helpful and positive group of boss ladies who are always willing to assist in our private Facebook community!  

    YES! Absolutely. Having a website is a stepping stone to having your business working for you on autopilot. Together we will review your website & logo + make sure you are in love with your brand colors + all the pages of your website. We will finesse them & ensure they are as beautiful & high level as you imagine them to be. We will also connect all the components required to ensure you are leading traffic to your product or services + growing your audience and email list.

    This is a group program.  

    Due to the nature of the content (digital and downloadable) and the large amount of material that is accessible to you immediately upon enrollment, we do NOT offer refunds.  Zero exceptions.  We also have you agree to this condition when you purchase the program.  

    Beautiful Business in a Box is not open at this time

    We’re reopening the doors this SPRING!
    Get your name on the waitlist to be the first to hear the announcement

    Get access to SPECIAL promotions .. ONLY if you are on the waitlist.

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      I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Beautiful Business in a Box program.  You can email me directly at to get in touch and I’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.


      doors open: 


      OCTOBER 25-27, 2022

      The Build Your Beautiful Business Online Summit 2022

      A Hustle Free Plan to Create a Beautiful & Profitable Brand so you can Build & Grow your Dream Business with Ease