Hey there, I’m Julie!

I’m a 40-something Canadian wife and mamma of two witty boys and 3 fur babies, and I started my business as a self-taught portrait photographer almost 15+ years ago.

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs who are in love with what they do, build & grow their business so that they can achieve a level of success that goes above and beyond by creating irresistible high converting brands that let them connect with their dream clients.

Welcome to my Online space!

I’m a simple country girl at Heart!

But have been living in the city for 20 years! I am a creative being who loves gardening & all things pink (especially roses). I love mornings & lattes and I am overall a pretty happy and positive person, life is a gift, and I am incredibly grateful and happy to be living this life … in my yoga pants.

A few years ago I created Stock by Jewels, to bring you a stock photo membership featuring a diversity of “REAL” & authentic women entrepreneurs that represent your life or the life of your ideal clients.

Stock by Jewels features real, authentic women just like you so you can have access to carefully curated photos that capture the emotion of your brand. These stylish and relatable stock photos are here to help you beautify your business and achieve a level of success that goes above and beyond!

Be Unapologetically confident in being your true Authentic self while building and growing your Dream business!

Over the last three Years …

At that same time as I was venturing into this online entrepreneurship world, I had no idea what “growing an audience” meant.  

I knew I had to create “freebies” in exchange for emails, but I had no idea what that looked like in the back end.  

Over the last three years, I’ve been learning & I have created a high converting business with all the working parts to growing my audience and turning them into buyers.

I knew I wasn’t the only #bosslady that felt like this …

And that’s how “Beautifully Branded Business” was created.  To bring you a program  that will take you through the process of creating the high converting beautiful business you’ve always dreamed of having block by block.  

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Some of myFavorite  things…

Time off...

Netflix & chill

Song on repeat...

Anything country

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Fav self care routine...

Daily bath

Dream vacation...

African safari

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